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AZ LD29 Democrats Welcomes You

Educate - Empower - Vote

Donate because defending Democracy takes all of us...Your donations make it possible

Register Voters - LD 29 regularly hosts voter registration events.  Without Democratic voters, our Party cannot win elections.  We distribute promotional and educational literature.

Educate Voters – We work hard to keep voters on top of the latest legislative news and our members informed through special events, monthly meetings, newsletters, personal calls, and social media.  We invest in our website and email software, advertise on social media, send mailings, and rent meeting facilities.


Canvass Neighborhoods – LD29 Board members, precinct committee persons and volunteers knock on the doors of our neighbors to make sure voters know who we are and how to contact us.  We supply critical voting information such as how to get on the Active Early Voting list (AEVL) and promote our candidates.  Our “Golden Ticket” get-out-the-vote candidate door-hangers and yard sign investments help educate voters.


Organize - Recruit and Train PCs and Volunteer Workforce – PCs (Precinct Committee persons) and our volunteers are the Legislative District’s grassroots organizing workforce.  They are at the core of political party activity.  It is our ground game.  Elections are truly won or lost in the precincts.  They work every month, every year, every election cycle.  We invest in training materials to ensure an effective organizing program.


Turnout Voters – All our preliminary efforts support this critical phase.  It is traditionally the most significant financial investment for the LD and Party. The amount we can invest in space rental, equipment and candidate promotional literature depends on a steady flow of recurring contributions for the full two-year cycle.


LD29 is the Democratic Party Committee closest to the voter.  We receive no material support from County, State or National Democratic Parties. We have no paid staff.  Everything we do depends on your generosity and voluntarism.  We appreciate and thank you for your contributions, small or large.


What is the Abortion Access Act Petition

There are many reasons why someone may decide to have an abortion. But no matter how you personally feel about abortion, every person should be able to make their own decisions with their healthcare provider and those they love and trust.

Arizona for Abortion Access is a coalition of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations working to ensure Arizonans can make the decisions that are best for them and their families — free from government interference. This ballot committee is supported by the ACLU of Arizona, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health, Arizona List, Healthcare Rising Arizona, NARAL Arizona, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona. Together, these organizations represent hundreds of thousands of Arizonans in every community and from every walk of life.

These trusted institutions have worked extensively together protecting and expanding abortion access over the years. They have now partnered to begin collecting signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the November 2024 ballot. This amendment will protect abortion access in Arizona and ensure every person can make this deeply personal decision with dignity.

What is a Ballot Initiative?

When the legislature doesn't vote for or protect the things that their constituents want, Citizens are able to put forth "Ballot Initiatives" that allow voters to collect a certain number of supporting signatures. When that number of signatures is reached and verified, the initiative goes forth to the ballot. This allows for a clear and fair democratic process where voters can decide whether they will support the issue the initiative focuses on or deny it. 

In this case voters will decide to protect womens' bodily autonomy and access to reproductive healthcare, or will we move forward with denying women the right to make their own decisions. 

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